Choose the best solution for mobile data management. Setup your BackEnd in less than 10 minutes.

Symbyoz is a new amazing CMS optimised for mobile applications and iOT. Build custom backend in few minutes, without writing any code.

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Save up to 95% time and cost creating your custom back office

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5 MINConfigure

Choose your hosting, setup your services and start your projects.

1 MINConnect

Connect your mobile apps directly via SDKs in Swift, Java, .Net, Unity, Xamarin, Javascript.

30 SECGenerate

Symbyoz analyzes your database and automatically builds your custom backend in seconds.

2 MINBuild

Create your own backend modules and interconnect them, without writing a single line of code.

Manage your projects easily

Your 100% complete and secure working space in less than 10min.

  • The Console to manage servers, projects and services.
  • The Dashboard, to dive directly into the heart of your mongoDB database.
  • The Backend, to manage your data in a user-friendly way.
  • SDKs to connect your mobile applications to your server infrastructure in minutes.

Customize to your customers look and feel

Symbyoz works in white mark to adapt to the colors of your customers.
Make Symbyoz a profit center!

Add your customer's logo

Choose the back office theme

Customize your domain name (on request)

A modular CMS that adapts exactly to your needs

Build the services you need without writing a line of code

Startup discover how

  • Save time.
  • Create your projects faster.
  • Streamline your relashionship with developers.
  • Make work easier for developers.
  • Save money.

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Accelerate your app coding

Eliminate the web-services layer !!!
With SDKs, save up to 30% time on coding your apps.

More than mobile apps.

T. Stark

Founder of Stark Industries

"I use Symbyoz every day to handle the new features of my armor and it's super simple. The new modules are very quick to configure and plug-in, thanks to native Arduino support."

Professeur C. Xavier

Founder and Teacher X-School

"Symbyoz is ideal for the internal management of our school. It allows me to quickly manage schedules, classrooms, delegate tasks by assigning roles to my colleagues without having to take my head."

Star Lord

Interstellar Sales Manager

"In addition to managing our Uber Space mobile app, with Symbyoz I can manage our warehouses around the galaxy. Tracking delivery drivers, inter-galactic pirates, tracking parcels, avoiding federation, optimizing journeys become child's play."

The complete backend solution
with or without hosting